Private Hospitals Association general assembly elected new board

Private Hospitals Association general assembly gathered on Monday 23rd April 2012 to discuss PHA technical and financial reports for the year 2011 in addition to elect the new board members that was composed of seven member hospitals that were; Specialty Hospital, Palestine Hospital, Istiklal Hospital, Arab Medical Center, Al Rashid Hospital, Marka Islamic Hospital and Al Najah Hospital (Irbid city) representing provinces.

After the general assembly meeting and board elections the new board members convened and elected Dr. Fawzi Al Hammouri director of Specialty Hospital as a chairman for PHA, Dr. Nasri Khouri Director of Palestine Hospital as vice president, Mr. Khalid Bakaar Director of Marka Islamic Hospital as board Secretary, Mr. Rifat Al Masri Director of Al Rashid Hospital as board treasurer , Dr. Nader Al Khalili Directorof Istiklal Hospital, Dr. Osama Al Atari Medical Director of Arab Medical Centerand Dr. Raji Al Noami Director of Al Najh Hospital as board members.

During the meeting the new board discussed future strategic plans for the PHA especially in boosting cooperation between PHA and Ministry of Health, Higher Medical Council, Jordan Medical Association and other Medical unions as well as promoting Jordan as a medical hub for medical and wellness tourism and money collecting mechanism for private member hospitals debts on Libyan Government.

It is also worth to mention here that Private Hospitals Association (PHA) is a private voluntary, non-profit organization that was established in 1984 representing the private hospitals interests in Jordan and its members are ( 43) private hospital.