The Private Hospitals Association (PHA) is a voluntary, non-profit organization that was established in 1984 representing the Jordanian private hospitals. Currently the PHA has 58 members which presents 95% of the private hospitals sector.

The Private Hospitals Association obtained distinguished reputation in the local, regional and global health sector, and in order to maintain this good reputation, the association always seeks to elevate the level of medical services provided in Jordan through the application of quality standards and national accreditation programs. The PHA has obtained several awards from the King Abdullah II Center for Excellence including “The Seal of Excellence” and “Best Practices Award”.

The PHA represents the sector in various councils related to the health sector such as High Health Council, Jordanian Medical Council, Jordan Nursing Council, the Health Sector Computing Company (Hakeem), Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC), the Jordanian Air Ambulance Center and many other relevant bodies and committees.

In addition to international representation in the membership of; International Hospitals Federation, Arab Hospitals Federation and a founding member of the Global Healthcare Travel Council. 

And the PHA won the award of “Best Medical Tourism Destination of the year for 2014” and its Chairman was elected as the president of the Global Healthcare Travel Council during the period 2015 - 2017.

Furthermore, the PHA received an award titled "Distinguished Healthcare Sector in Supporting Medical Tourism" for the cooperation between the governmental and private healthcare sectors in Jordan with regards to medical tourism during the Arab Hospitals Federation in 2019. 


PHA Vision:

To be the main representative and supporter of Jordanian hospitals and medical centers to become globally competitive.

PHA Mission:

Contribute in improving the health of community and individuals through supporting members to provide safe health care services that are globally accredited.

PHA Objectives:


  • Enhance the quality of hospitals’ services provided to patients
  • Improve the financial efficiency of member hospitals.
  • Improve the services provided by the Association to its members. 
  • Contribute in the preparation of regulations and policies to be more appropriate to PHA members’ needs.
  • Improve member hospitals' and medical centers' capabilities to become competitive internationally.
  • Improve the role of the PHA and its members in serving the community.

PHA Values:

  • Equality and Justice
  • Ambition and Excellence
  • Credibility
  • Team Spirit
  • Transparency
  • ُEffective Communication