Private Hospitals Association board members assembled with the President of the Libyan health office in Amman

Private Hospitals Association (PHA) members assembled at PHA office on Monday 7th May 2012 in a meeting headed by PHA Chairman Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri and attended by the president of the Libyan Health Office in Amman Dr. Ali bin Jlaial and other Libyan delegates representing Libyan Ministry Of Health and the financial controller at the Libyan Ministry of Finance Mr. Hassan Habouni to discuss dept of Libyan government for PHA member hospitals and procedures of auditing these dept according the signed protocol between the two Ministries of health in Jordan and Libya in order to settle that dept that reached up to 120 million JD about 200 Million US$.

The Private Hospitals Association chairman Dr. Fawzi Al Hamouri confirmed during the meeting that PHA and member hospitals have offered their full medical and technical services to treat Libyan patients and wounded people during the previous 6 months according to the signed agreement between PHA and Libyan patients and wounded committee in Jordan without asking for any financial guarantees that time and without the committee proceed in auditing and settling the debt according to the signed agreement between both parties, that resulted in the accumulation of debt in favor of the Jordanian private hospitals and therefore unable to fulfill their financial commitments for pharmaceuticals and medical supplies companies.

Dr. Hammouri highlighted the fact that Jordanian hospitals treated 50% of total Libyan patients transferred abroad for medical treatment with a cost representing only 10% from what has been paid for treatment abroad by Libyan government and that the average amount for medical treatment for Libyans was 3,000 US$ comparing to 30,000 US$ in other countries in the region. Dr. Hammouri also said during the meeting that the efforts made by all Jordanian governmental and private entities in receiving and treating 50,000 Libyan patients and wounded people in a short period of time was remarkable and many developed countries with huge medical infrastructure couldn’t deal with such critical situations.

During the meeting the assembly discussed with the Libyan representatives mechanism of auditing hospitals invoices and assured that the remaining 50% dues must be settled no longer than 30 days according to the signed protocol between the Jordanian and Libyan Health Ministries and to the agreement between PHA and the Libyan Injured and Patients committee in Jordan signed on 7th November 2011 that has set prices according to the hospitals pricelist accredited by Jordanian Ministry of Health and the upper limit for the Medical Association pricelist for 2008 in addition to the approved prices by the Private Hospitals Association for Medical supplies.

From his side, newly appointed director of Libyan Health Office in Amman Dr. Ali Bin Jalil confirmed to PHA member hospitals that delegates working in Libya health office in Amman will be appointed to follow up evaluating in and out patients treatment in these hospitals stressing that the only authorized entity to transfer patients to hospitals from this date will be the health office in Amman – Jordan assuring that the internal auditing department in this office will immediately start auditing pervious invoices submitted by hospitals in preparation of paying the remaining 50% dept.

He also expressed his deepest thanks and appreciation to Private Hospitals Association management and PHA member hospitals for their remarkable cooperation in receiving and treating Libyan patients and injured citizens in the previous months.