Infertility Treatments

Treating reproductive health issues is one of the most outstanding achievements in Jordan, where the health sector in the Kingdom has been the first to use the latest global technologies in the treatment of infertility and delayed reproduction. Where the first birth of IVF baby in the region was recorded in 1987, which made Jordan a center for attracting couples who suffer from the inability to reproduce.

Couples seeking infertility treatment are able to find their way through the large number of IVF centers that spread across Jordan, and which follows the best international quality standards in terms of proper diagnosis and identification of appropriate treatment plans, and using the latest methods and most modern techniques of treatment through qualified and trained healthcare providers while maintaining full privacy and complete confidentiality. 

In addition to the use of Oocyte Retrieval Techniques, Microscopy and Laser Embryos, these advanced centers provide sperm extraction services from the testicle in all known methods, including Microscopic Examination of Sperm in the testis (Micro TESE), and Freezing of Sperm, Oocytes and embryos. Furthermore, genetic testing and gender selection are performed before the procedure. 

The success rates of Microinjections and IVF in terms of pregnancy and childbirth in Jordan matches the best global success rates, while these services are offered at a very competitive cost, not only at a regional level but also at the global level.