We hope that your eyes have been opened to the exciting medical and wellness opportunities available for you in Jordan. Below are some tips that will lead to a safer and more pleasant medical trip:
  • Contact directly the hospital you choose to ensure the quality of services you’ll receive
  • Bring a companion.
  • Travel comfortably after surgery.
  • Give yourself extra time during your trip.
  • Bring your medical history file and all relevant medical reports in your hand luggage.
  • Bring enough cash to cover your treatment plan and other expenses.
  • Bring your credit cards, insurance card if applicable.
  • Get as much as possible information about the medical procedure, including:
    • How much will the surgery or treatment cost?
    • Who will pick you up at the airport?
    • Means of transportation to hospital or hotel. 
    • Who will be your main contact at the hospital?
    • How long you will be in the hospital?
    • How long is the post procedure recovery period?
    • Ask for a detailed schedule of tests and appointments etc…