Message From Chairman

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the new website of the Private Hospitals Association, which we have redesigned to be comfortable and easy for visitors to obtain information from and be a resourceful health guide to private hospitals to help you in choosing the appropriate hospital that can provide you with good service. We hope that the information provided by the site is valuable.

Despite Jordan's small size and its limited resources, its great achievements made it a popular destination for those seeking treatment from different countries around the world due to several reasons; highly trained Jordanian medical professionals, the large number of distinguished hospitals equipped with the latest medical technology, Jordanians are known for their great hospitality.

Jordan is a country open to the world and it is easy to access due to its distinguished geographical location and it is politically stable with high level of security all these factors made Jordan number one in medical tourism destination in the Middle East and North Africa, and Jordan was selected as the “Medical Tourism Destination” for the year 2014 The private hospitals in Jordan acquired good reputation on the global level due to implementing the highest international and local accreditation standards to ensure the quality and the safety of the services provided.

In 2015, Jordan was elected as chairmanship of the Global Healthcare travel Council (GHTC) till 2017, and as a result, the Private Hospitals Association hosted under the Royal Patronage the Global Healthcare Travel Forum GHTF on 25th of February 2017, with the participation of more than 650 participants from 41 Countries.

We welcome your suggestions to improve and develop our services by communicating with us through this website, wishing you all health and wellness.

Dr. Fawzi Al Hammouri
PHA Chairman