Oncology Treatments

Jordan is one of the leading countries in the field of cancer treatments, attracting annually thousands of patients suffering from cancer from around the world and achieving cure rates in line with international standards. 

The hospitals and centers that treat cancer provide comprehensive treatments and service to its patients through its highly qualified medical and nursing staff, advanced medical equipment, modern operating rooms and intensive care units that include intensive care units specialized for children. 

Jordan has hundreds of oncology and hematology specialists and consultants with long experience and high efficiency in the treatment of cancer. 

In Jordan, treatment for all types of Cancers is available, including Bone Marrow Transplants, Radiotherapy, Gamma knife , Chemotherapy etc , in a holistic approach by a comprehensive team.  

Cancer prevention and early detection services are available to diagnose cancer, treat and up to palliative care level, in addition to providing psychological support to patients during their exhausting treatment period.