The Private Hospitals Association expresses solidarity with the families of the deceased at Al-Salt Hospital and re-places its capabilities at the disposal of the government




The Private Hospitals Association expressed its deep condolences and solidarity with the families of patients who passed away in Al-Salt Governmental Hospital.

The Chairman of the Private Hospitals Association, Dr. Fawzi Hammouri said that managers and cadres of private hospitals are deeply saddened by the ordeal witnessed in Al-Salt Hospital and the resulting deaths among citizens’ loved ones.

Dr. Al-Hammouri valued His Majesty's King Abdullah II visit to inspect the site of the incident, as well as His Majesty's sympathy to the families of the deceased and his keenness to be present among his people in their hardest times to lessen their sorrows.

Dr. Al-Hammouri reaffirmed the readiness of the private hospitals sector in supporting the Ministry of Health in its efforts to deal with the repercussions of the COVID19 and support the ministry’s Healthcare Providers working in government hospitals, and he confirmed the readiness of private hospitals to send ICU, Anesthesia doctors and other medical specialties to help the ministry in treating COVID19 patients, as all components of the healthcare sector in Jordan must stand united in this difficult circumstance that  Jordan is going through.

He said that private hospitals have increased their capacity in the allocated isolation departments designated for treating COVID19 patients, in response to the remarkable increase of COVID19 cases as to also reduce the pressure on the public healthcare sector.

Dr. Al Hammouri stressed the need for all healthcare sectors, including private hospitals, to assure the safety of work procedures, also to ensure the safety of the necessary equipment which in turn ensures the wellbeing of patients.

He added the Jordanian healthcare sector is well-known in the region and the world, and it will remain a source of pride for all Jordanians, and he hoped that we will be able to overcome this difficult ordeal; hand in hand to provide the best levels of healthcare for patients who need it most.