Four Hospitals/Healthcare Institutions from Jordan Featured in a Worldwide COVID-19 Response Recognition Program


Over 103 Hospitals from 28 Countries Recognized at the International Hospital Federation Beyond the Call of Duty for COVID-19 Program

Amman, 15 December 2020. 

The Specialty Hospital, Istiklal Hospital, Ministry of Health’s Prince Hamza Hospital and The Royal Medical Services from Jordan were recognized at the International Hospital Federation (IHF) “Beyond the Call of Duty for COVID-19 Program” for their COVID-19 response action plan along with over 103 hospitals from 28 countries.

These four Jordanian Healthcare Institutions received the recognition badge after an international review committee consisting of 16 experts from the healthcare industry has thoroughly reviewed their entries of their action plans to address the COVID19 implicated challenges showcasing the tireless efforts and innovation undertaken by those hospitals in these trying times. 

All hospitals in Jordan are members of the International Hospital Federation through a joint country membership led by the Private Hospitals Association and the Health Care accreditation Council. Both entities, from their belief in the capacities and dedication of Jordanian hospitals, took on to disseminate the information of the “Beyond the Call of Duty” program and enticed their respective members to participate and demonstrate to the world Jordan’s resilience and action. 

Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri, Chairman of the Private Hospitals Association, commended this achievement by the Jordanian healthcare sector, affirming Jordan’s high position on the international level and its commitment to internationally approved standards and protocols in dealing with the emerging COVID-19 Pandemic.

He added that despite the world having been taken so suddenly by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Jordanian healthcare sector succeeded in absorbing and containing this pandemic through the cooperation of all its medical and healthcare institutions and cadres and its tireless endeavors to obtain the necessary knowledge and training in addition to providing the necessary requirements as possible, to deal with this pandemic.

Additionally, Ms. Salma Jaouni, the Chief Executive Officer of the Health Care Accreditation Council, admired the efforts made by these hospitals in these exceptional circumstances, especially with limited resources. She expressed her pride for the achievements of the Jordanian hospitals, public, private and military, and applauded the innovations and creative solutions that were implemented for fighting the pandemic and maintaining the continuity of daily services, including responding to the needs of citizens and patients without interruption.

IHF Chief Executive Officer Ronald Lavater said the outstanding work in response to the pandemic is transforming the future of healthcare. “One of our motivations in creating this recognition program is to highlight the diversity and agility of the hospital industry in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic forced hospitals to develop, implement and adopt new ways to operate and many of these changes have accelerated positive transformation in the delivery of care.”

Recognized hospitals of the International Hospital Federation Beyond the Call of Duty for COVID-19 Program are featured in an extensive international media campaign on 15 December honoring hospitals and health service providers worldwide in their fight against COVID-19. The full list of recognized hospitals can be found here:  

The International Hospital Federation Beyond the Call of Duty for COVID-19 Program is sponsored by the Japanese Red Cross Ashikaga Hospital – Nikken Group and the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA).