Al-Hammouri Elected As a Member of the Governing Council of the International Hospital Federation (IHF)




A new governing council was elected during the general assembly meeting of the International Hospital Federation (IHF), based in Switzerland. The elections included the Chairman of the Private Hospitals Association, Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri representing Jordan in the IHF governing council.


The chairman of the Private Hospitals Association, Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri, said that his election to the governing council of the International Hospital Federation, representing Jordan, comes in appreciation of the Kingdom's prominent role at the regional and global levels. As well as the role of the Private Hospitals Association and the Health Care Accreditation Council in improving the quality of services provided to Jordanian, Arab and foreign patients


Jordan has become a member of the International Hospital Federation (IHF) in the beginning of this year, through the full membership of The Private Hospitals Association in cooperation with the Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC) and in coordination with all health sectors in Jordan, including private, government, Royal Medical Services and university hospitals.


The International Hospital Federation was established in 1929 and it is based in Switzerland.  The federation contributes to improve the performance of healthcare institutions around the world by supporting initiatives to improve their response, efficiency and effectiveness, it also provides an international platform for its members in order to interact, collaborate and exchange ideas, experiences and information between healthcare organizations and hence contribute in shaping the future of healthcare around the world. It also provides the opportunity to strengthen healthcare services through participating in its activities and benefiting from its resources. 


The federation membership particularly includes, but is not limited to, hospitals’ associations and unions, health representatives and other health related organizations from various countries of the world.