The Private Hospitals Association welcomes the approval of the Medical Visa


The Private Hospitals Association welcomed the government's approval of issuing medical visas for patients from restricted countries who prefer to receive treatment in Jordan. 
Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri, Chairman of the Private Hospitals Association praised the government's response to the efforts made by the Association and the approval of many more facilities in the granting of entry visas to patients of restricted nationalities such as issuing instructions that would enable these patients and their companions to obtain a medical visa from various options including the Ministry of Interior and the Jordanian diplomatic missions,  Jordanian hospitals, airlines, certified transport companies or through licensed travel and tourism offices and companies within the category of incoming tourism.
Dr. Al-Hammouri also stated that the new instructions are expected to increase the number of patients coming from the restricted countries to Jordan to receive treatment and therefore revitalize medical tourism and increase the work flow for private hospitals and other economic sectors such as airlines, hotels, hotel apartments, restaurants and transportation.
Dr. Al-Hammouri also stressed the need to expedite the circulation of the new instructions to the Jordanian diplomatic missions and aviation offices in the restricted countries to enable patients from those countries to learn about the new procedures regarding obtaining a visa for treatment in the Kingdom, especially granting the visa for a period of Three or Six months including several trips for follow up cases that need several follow up visits.
Hence, for the first time these instructions have clearly stated details regarding the coordination between border and foreigners management at the border centers, the Medical Tourism service office and the Jordanian hospitals when patients arrive and about facilitating their access to their therapeutic destination.