Al-Hammouri appreciates his Majesty's keenness to maintain constant contact with representatives of the private sector



Al-Hammouri appreciates his Majesty's keenness to maintain constant contact with representatives of the private sector
During the Private Hospitals Association General Assembly meeting
Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri, Chairman of The Private Hospitals Association expressed his appreciation and gratitude towards his Majesty King Abdullah II's keenness of keeping constant communication with the representatives of the private sector as well as the private hospitals sector to discuss national economic programs, plans and mechanisms to promote the national economy and identify the challenges and obstacles that they are facing.
Dr. Al-Hammouri stated during the annual meeting of the Private Hospital Association General Assembly that his majesty has shown great understanding towards what has been discussed during his meeting with the representatives of the private sector on issues related to the private hospital sector and it’s challenges, especially what’s related to medical tourism and the accumulation of local and international hospitals debts, as well as the electricity’s high prices and taxes.
He also stated that this meeting has reflected the follow-up and interest of his Majesty King Abdullah II to hear the views of the private sector representatives regarding programs and plans to be undertaken to strengthen the national economy and address the problem of unemployment through finding more jobs. 
Dr. Al-Hammouri emphasized the importance his Majesty King Abdullah II has given to the private sectors role to strengthen the confidence in the national economy and its appreciation to the achievements achieved by the sector.
On the other hand, Dr. Al-Hamouri presented to the members of the General Assembly of the Association of Private Hospitals the administrative report which included the Private Hospital Associations most important achievements and the various activities and events that it has participated in, in addition to the meetings the board held with the government and concerned committees
in the House of Representatives and Senates as well as other parties related to the health sector in an effort to remove obstacles that may face this sector, especially the debts owed to hospitals and the high operating expenses of private hospitals due to the high cost of electricity, taxes and the decline of medical tourism.
The meeting came to an end with the Associations’ General Assembly approval of the Associations’ balance sheet and the administrative report and The General assembly expressed their appreciation towards the great efforts which have been carried out by the Associations’ Chairman and members of the board of directors in supporting the sector and collecting its rights locally and internationally as well as marketing Jordan in various international forums.