PHA Receives "Distinguished Healthcare Sector in Supporting Medical Tourism" Award for excellence in the Medical Tourism cooperation



The Private Hospitals Association "PHA" received an award titled "Distinguished Healthcare Sector in Supporting Medical tourism" for the cooperation between the governmental and private healthcare sectors in Jordan with regards to medical tourism during the Arab Hospitals Federation forum that was held in the State of Kuwait from the 10th until the 11th of April 2019.
Kuwait's Minister of Health, Dr. Sheikh Basel Al-Sabah, and Secretary General of the Arab Hospitals Federation, Prof. Tawfik Khoja, delivered the award to Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri, Chairman of the Private Hospitals Association. 
This award is in recognition of the remarkable successes achieved by the Jordanian healthcare sector, which had made it the first medical tourism destination in the region and its ability to deal with regional political and security situations in a number of Arab countries, as well as the model of public-private partnership.
In a lecture presented on the first day of the conference, Dr. Al-Hammouri  reviewed the role of the Private Hospitals Association in promoting the competitiveness of the sector in terms of ensuring the quality of services provided to patients and legislation governing the health sector, including the Law on health responsibility and the establishment of the Compensation Fund for Health responsibility, in addition to their role in marketing about Jordan in various international forums and the contribution of the Association in representing the private hospitals sector in various health and economic councils locally and internationally.
Dr. Al-Hammouri participated in the meeting held between the Jordanian and Kuwaiti health ministers, where he expressed his pride in the confidence of the Kuwaiti patients in our health institutions and reviewed opportunities for cooperation in the provision of distinctive treatment services to Kuwaiti patients and opportunities for training and exchange of experiences and the possibility for the Kuwaiti health sector to benefit from Hakeem program (computerization of the health sector) which improves the quality of services as well as reduces the cost and medical errors.