Al- Hammouri appreciates Royal Directives to the government to Support Medical Tourism



Dr. Fawzi Al- Hammouri, Chairman of the Private Hospitals Association)PHA)  welcomed the results and outcomes of the Jordan Strategies Forum held under the patronage of Prime Minister Dr. Omar Al-Razzaz in Amman under the title "Public-Private Partnerships", on Saturday, February 9, 2019.
Dr. Al- Hammouri appreciated the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II to the government to support the medical tourism sector as one of the most developed and investment sectors and for its great contribution in supporting the national economy and income. He said that the prime minister's sponsorship of the forum and his participation with a number of ministers in the dialogue session which was held within the event and dealt with health tourism were a strong indicator of the government's greater orientation towards supporting and promoting medical tourism.
He also welcomed the government's decision to form a board of trustees that includes representatives of various tourism entities to oversee a unit that will operate under the umbrella of the Jordan Tourism Board to promote medical and wellness tourism in the Kingdom And support their capabilities and contribute to the preservation of Jordan as a destination for this tourism, He also welcomed the government's emphasis on the basic role of private health sector, especially private hospitals, in putting the Kingdom on the map of the leading countries in the field of medical tourism in the world.
He said that the outcome of the Forum is a response to the demands of the PHA over the years of the need of all stakeholders to work hand in hand to maintain the achievements of medical tourism in the Kingdom and reduce the decline of this tourism and address the reasons that led to this decline, and stressed the need to address all the challenges facing the private health sector to increase the number of expatriate patients Dr. Al- Hammouri pointed out that the adoption of the law of medical responsibility will contribute to attract more patients. He stressed the importance of the role of the media in the positive promotion of therapeutic tourism in the Kingdom, He also announced that the PHA is working on organizing an international conference for therapeutic tourism in Amman in September of this year.