Chairman of PHA participated in a workshop on “The reality and challenges of women's work”



Dr. Fawzi Al- Hammouri, Chairman of the Private Hospitals Association)PHA), participated in a workshop held under the auspices of the Minister of Labor, Mr. Samir Murad, entitled "The reality and challenges of women's work with specific occupations and times" on  Tuesday, 22-1-2019 at the Fairmont Hotel.
The workshop featured a panel discussion that was attended by Dr. Hamouri, Secretary General of the Ministry of Labor, Ziad Obaidat, Secretary General of the National Commission for Family Affairs, Dr. Salma Al-Nemes, International Labour Organization (ILO) Advisor Mrs. Reem Aslan, and Mrs. Mayada Abu Jaber of "Women in Development initiative".
Dr. Al- Hammouri said during the panel discussion that the health sector, especially the hospitals sector, has overcome all the problems related to the equality of working women with men, including wages, and that women work in private hospitals receive more rights than men.
In this regard, he pointed out that the private hospitals provide women with many incentives, including rewarding salaries and free transportation if they work in the system of shifts in the hospitals.
Dr. Al- Hammouri added that there are social and family conditions that prevent many Jordanian women from working in hospitals and that leads to a shortage of women numbers working in private hospitals. However, the percentage of women working in many departments is higher than that of men.
He said that the coming years will see a high increase in the number of graduates from the faculties of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and nursing in Jordanian universities and far exceeds the number of male graduates of these disciplines, which will create a big problem in the availability of male health staff.