Effective participation of the Private Hospitals Association at the Kuwait Health Exhibition and Conference




The Kuwait Health Exhibition and Conference 2018, held in Kuwait from 3-5 April 2018 was actively attended by the Private Hospitals Association and a group of private member hospitals.
The participating hospitals included Jordan Hospital, Istishari Hospital, Istiklal Hospital, Specialty Hospital, Al Rasheed Hospital Center and King Hussein Cancer Center as part of a partnership between the Association and the Jordanian Competitiveness Program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to promote medical tourism in Jordan. Jordan Gate for medical and therapeutic tourism and Jordan Tourism Board also participated in the exhibition and conference.
The Jordanian pavilion received the Deputy of Minister of Health for National Medical Services, Dr. Mohammed Al-Khashti, who opened the conference and exhibition as the representative for the Kuwaiti Health Minister Al-Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Subah.
Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri, the Chairman of the Private Hospitals Association, said in a lecture delivered at the opening session of the Kuwait Health Conference and Exhibition 2018 that Jordan's success in medical tourism and the achievements of the Jordanian health sector over decades contributed to making the Kingdom a destination of medical treatment for patients from all over the world.
In his lecture, Dr. Al-Hammouri addressed the expansion of health care travel in the region and its eight segments included in the Amman Declaration which adopted at the end of the Global Healthcare Travel Forum which organized by the Private Hospitals Association in Amman, Jordan, in February 2017, attended by 650 delegates from 42 countries interested in medical tourism.
He said that the eight segments of health travel include medical tourism, dental tourism, Spa tourism, Wellness tourism, culinary tourism, sport tourism, assisted residential tourism and accessible tourism.
Dr. Al-Hammouri added that in support of health travel, Jordan has many advantages that encourage patients to come to be treated in the Kingdom, including the availability of qualified medical and advanced services, the absence of waiting time for the patient to meet with the doctor and conduct the necessary medical tests and then get his needs of treatment procedures and making surgical procedures, in addition to competitive prices which are important for patients.
He added that Jordan has always been keen to support the brothers in Palestine, Libya, Syria and Yemen, as Jordanian hospitals received patents and wounded from those countries during the past few years, and provided them with medical treatment. 
Dr. Al-Hammouri pointed out that Jordan has taken an advanced position on the international level in medical tourism and is working to maintain this status by providing all necessary factors, pointing that the health sector has excellent medical reputation, while many Jordanian private hospitals have obtained international and local accreditation.
Al-Hammouri spoke about the facilities and procedures approved by the Jordanian Council of Ministers to facilitate granting entry visas to patients from restricted nationalities, which came into force at the end of March.
The conference and exhibition included B2B meetings between providers and recipients of medical services, lectures and workshops specialized in therapeutic tourism