Private Hospitals Association participates In Kuwait Health Exhibition and Conference 2018


The Private Hospitals Association and a group of member hospitals participated in the Kuwait Health Exhibition and Conference 2018, which was held in Kuwait from 3-5 April 2018 within the framework of a partnership between the association and the Jordan Competitiveness Program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The participating hospitals included Jordan Hospital, Istishari Hospital, Istiklal Hospital, Specialty Hospital, King Hussein Cancer Center and Al Rashid Hospital Center, all of them are members in the Jordanian Medical Tourism Consortium which was established to support the medical tourism sector in Jordan. Jordan Gate for medical and therapeutic tourism also participates in the exhibition and conference. 
The exhibition and conference highlighted the ongoing development of the health care sector in Kuwait and all aspects of the health industry and open gates for products, services and health facilities.
The exhibition and conference provided a global platform for hospitals and all healthcare providers to increase their international presence and expand their patient network. The event included bilateral meetings between providers and recipients of medical services, lectures and workshops specialized in the medical tourism.
At the opening of the conference, Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri, the Chairman of the Private Hospitals Association, delivered a keynote presentation about the expansion of healthcare travel in the Middle East and medical tourism in Jordan, and the excellent medical reputation and the provision of advanced medical services with competitive prices in the Kingdom, with many private hospitals obtaining the international and the local accreditations and the application of quality assurance programs in addition to the availability of modern medical techniques and the minimal of waiting time for patients to get medical service.
Dr. Al Hammouri pointed to the need to take advantage of the "Amman Declaration to Expand the Health Travel Umbrella" which includes 8 segments: medical tourism, dental tourism, Spa tourism, Wellness tourism,  Culinary tourism, sports tourism, , And promoting Jordan in these eight axes will multiply to exceed one million visitors annually for health reasons. 
Dr. Al-Hammouri said that the participation of the association in the conference and exhibition aims to strengthen relations and communication with Kuwaiti brothers in the health field and to give them an idea about the level of advanced medical services in Jordanian hospitals, and to attract more Kuwaiti patients to be treated in these hospitals. He added that it also comes within the framework of implementing the marketing strategy of the consortium aimed at promoting medical services, increasing the number of foreign patients and the revenues of medical tourism.