The Global Healthcare Travel Forum 2017

Date of event and location: on 25-27 February 2017 Le Royal Hotel Amman Jordan

The Private Hospitals Association Jordan (PHA) and the Global Healthcare Travel Council (GHTC) hosted the “Global Healthcare Travel Forum” GHTF under royal patronage by HM King Abdulla II Bin Al-Hussien on 25-27 February 2017, under the theme “Globalization of Healthcare”.

Jordan hosts this international forum to reaffirm its leading position as a premier medical tourism destination, preferred by many Arab and foreign patients due to its high caliber of healthcare providers and facilities, in addition to its social and political stability.

More than 650 Medical Tourism stakeholders representing global decision makers of health authorities and key players in the health tourism industry from 42 countries met in this international forum to discuss the prospects and the future of this industry, and to try to unite efforts to make this industry prosper.

Participating countries include: KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Palestine, Iraq, Iraqi Kurdistan, Lebanon, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Chad, Turkey, Greece, USA, UK, Italy, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Romania, China, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Kerghistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and Philippines.

Show report for the GLobal Healthcare Travel Forum