Opening of the Algerian International Exhibition under the auspices of President Abdelmadjid Tebboune


Jordanian hospitals participate in the international exhibition of Algeria, which is held in the Palace of Exhibitions from 20-6 to 25-6. They provide medical consultations for patients, study reports and evaluate cases that need treatment outside Algeria. This is an opportunity for communication between the two countries and achieves cooperation in various fields, most notably the medical sector. The exhibition was inaugurated by the President of the Republic with the participation of official delegations. Algeria and Jordan have strong relations and there is fruitful cooperation in the health, investment and trade sectors. The two countries are interested in strengthening these relations for the benefit of the peoples and continuous integration.


From the Jordanian side, the hospitals were attended by Abdali Hospital, Istishari Hospital, and Al-Takhassusi and Al-Istiklal Hospitals. These are qualified hospitals that provide advanced treatment services that include all medical specialties. They were welcomed by our people in Algeria, who emphasized the quality of services provided by Jordanian doctors and hospitals and the good reputation they enjoy. This sector is the experience of Algerians.

There was also a media presence from the Jordanian and Algerian sides, and a media presence for the Jordan Heart and the Arab Heart magazine, represented by the editor-in-chief, Hanan Al-Fuqaha, who works to facilitate communication between the two countries and works to promote Jordan with medical tourism and its progress in the medical field and readiness to receive our Arab brothers when medically needed.

And thanks to the Export House Company, which contributed to the organization of this event and facilitated the procedures for the Jordanian delegation, which is represented by Mr. Khaled Al-Saub.