Istiklal hospital

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Istiklal Hospital is a large medical center that was inaugurated under the Royal patronage on the 25th of May, 2001. It was built on a beautiful architectural style on Istiklal Street in the heart of the capital Amman. It has a distinguished message that reflects the medical progress in Jordan including medical, nursing and administrative staff. All qualified specialties with advanced medical and technological expertise, as well as high-end hotel services that have contributed to attracting medical tourism. During 2016, the hospital received about 10,000 patients from non-Jordanian nationalities.

The 280-bed Independence Hospital is fully equipped to provide the best diagnostic and therapeutic services, including 32 intensive care beds and 10 operating rooms. Based on the belief of the hospital and its constant concern for quality, Istiqlal Hospital has become one of the hospitals with certificates of excellence and reliability, in addition to the award of excellence in safety and occupational health from the social security institution. Istiklal Hospital will, according to its ambitious plans during 2017, be the first hospital to contract with the educational and academic institutions to train the students in the specialties of supporting medical services, in addition to its orientation as an educational hospital for doctors.