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Istishari Hospital is a leading private healthcare hospital in Jordan. It focuses on the therapeutic and healing factors related to the health of patients and it considers that each patient is treated and monitored is a cornerstone of the hospital work approach where the hospital cares about care in the first place, before the cost.

The Istishari Hospital focuses on its ability to sense all indications of its patients, no matter how small, to meet their wishes and expectations and remove any concerns they may have. In this regard, the team of distinguished physicians and surgeons workhand in hand with another carefully chosen team to provide patients with a multi-faceted approach to The questionnaires conducted by the hospital showed that Jordanian, Arab and foreign patients prefer the services provided by Istishari Hospital not only for the availability of the best doctors and the best medical equipment.

The hospital is echoed by everyone who has tested his outstanding services and distinguished in the care it provides and in its transparency with patients and its competent staff.

A team of doctors, surgeons and specialists in the hospital provides multidisciplinary care to meet all the needs of their patients.

The questionnaires have shown that Jordanian and non-Jordanian patients choose the Istishari hospital not only for its newer possession equipment, but also for its established reputation for care, transparency and good governance. The Istishari Hospital i encourages to build friendly relations between patients and staff from the first visit through responding i to patients' questions, address their concerns, reserve appropriate appointments, or introduce them to their staff, and seek to meet their needs to make them feel as if they are at home through the comfort factors he or she finds at the hospital.

The Istishari Hospital believes that competition between medical institutions is highly dependent on excellence in quality and services, and therefore supports its team with the highest standards of quality, which are focused on ensuring safe and comfortable care for its patients

Accreditation and accreditation is JCI, which is the most reliable in the medical sector and has been received by the hospital for three consecutive times.

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