Al-Essra Hospital

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Al Isra Hospital is a medical center opened in 2001, treating more than 1 million Jordanian patients and half a million Arab patients. It is equipped with the latest technologies and the highest international standards. It is also equipped with clinics and specialized centers, which include various medical specialties in order to attract patients from all over the world. The hospital is located in a vital location in the capital Amman and has a capacity of 200 beds.

The hospital has an emergency room equipped with the latest equipment and a range of modern and advanced ambulances. It has seven operating rooms equipped with a high standard for all types of surgeries, an intensive care unit equipped with the latest monitoring methods, and a prenatal care section. As well as an advanced department of diagnostic and therapeutic radiology containing the latest advanced devices for magnetic resonance imaging, axial tomography and ultrasound devices. The laboratory contains all equipment specialized in laboratory tests and designed according to international standards.