Hot Water Springs in Jordan

In Jordan, on the eastern side of the Jordan Rift Valley there are many hot springs that reach 64 degrees Celsius. This water flows into the riverbeds and valleys to finally pour into the Dead Sea.
Since the prehistoric times, the waters of these springs have been used for bathing and healing. In addition, these springs are still used in the treatment and healing of some diseases. Water treatment is the first type of treatment used by humans after being proven effective.
Hot mineral water is widely used for healing purposes as part of physiotherapy. The hot water springs gain heat from the earth's heat and acquires its mineral and physical properties from the rocks as it diffuses through it and filter out of the earth.


Mineral hot water is used in the following treatments:
  • Skin diseases such as psoriasis, scabies, eczema and some allergies.
  • Arthritis diseases: rheumatic diseases and chronic articular infections, joint stiffness.
  • Respiratory system: expansion of the airways and the elimination of chest flu, sinusitis, all types of colds especially chronic ones.
  • Nervous system: inflammation of the nerves, nervous system disorder in general, nervous system pain.
  • Blood circulation: revitalization of blood circulation especially the extremities, high blood pressure, circulation disorders especially the extremities.
  • Muscles: muscle stiffness and paralysis of all types especially muscular origin, muscle contraction, and fibromyalgia.

Hot water springs can be found in the following locations:

  1. Tafileh (Wadi Al-Hasa and Wadi Afra)
  2. Al Lisan- Karak Valley (Althra’ Valley and Ibn Hammad Valley)
  3. Ma’en Spa and Zara (Wadi Um Hdeeb)
  4. Jarash - Deir A’la (Zarqa River Valley)
  5. Jordan Hemma area, Yarmouk Valley and Wadi Al-Arab
  6. Al-Azraq (Azraq Well)