The Private Hospitals Association announces the sector's readiness to help in treating the victims of the Aqaba accident



Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri, the Chairman of the Private Hospitals Association expressed his deep sorrow regarding the explosion of a gas tank in the port of Aqaba  and the death and injury of a large number of citizens, praying the deceased to rest in peace and offered sincere condolences and sympathy to their families and wishing the injured a speedy recovery.

Dr. Al-Hammouri announced that the Association and the private hospitals sector stood by the government, the ministry of health and all concerned agencies in dealing with this great casualty, and affirmed the sector's readiness to help in treating the injured.

He said that this tragic accident and its repercussions require everyone to stand together in order to contain the effects and consequences of the accident, stressing the ability of the health sector to deal with this accident within the pre-prepared emergency plan.

Dr. Al-Hammouri prayed to God to keep Jordan and the Jordanians safe and secure.