The Private Hospitals Association welcomes the introduction of a new visa to enter the Kingdom



The Private Hospitals Association welcomed the decision of the Minister of Interior, Mr. Mazen Al-Faraya, to issue a new visa to the Kingdom for a period of five years and for several trips, as well as allowing those who are granted this visa a temporary residence for a period of three months through the border posts directly every time the holder enters the Kingdom.

Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri, chairman of the Association, said that this decision represents an advanced step towards enhancing and increasing investment opportunities in Jordan, especially since attracting foreign investment to various economic sectors, including the health sector, will contribute to increasing the pace of economic growth in the Kingdom, in light of simplifying the procedures for the movement of foreign investors from and to Jordan.

He added that the health sector, especially the private hospitals sector, is one of the economic sectors most attractive to investment, and that it is necessary to address and remove obstacles that hinder the development and increase local and foreign investment opportunities in this sector, noting that among these obstacles are taxes, high fees, high energy prices, multiple approvals, and the continued imposition of restrictions on granting entry visas to patients of restricted nationalities .

Dr. Al Hammouri stressed that lifting these restrictions would also stimulate the movement of Medical Tourism and increase the number of patients coming to the Kingdom to receive treatment, especially with the availability of all the requirements of this tourism in Jordan, which ranks first in the Middle East and North Africa region as an attractive center for Medical Tourism.