Al-Hammouri: 10,000 job opportunities in the current public health sector






Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri, The Chairman of the Private Hospitals Association stated that the health sector could provide 10,000 job opportunities this year if incentives are provided for the investment environment in the Kingdom, in addition to the national employment project recently launched by the government.

 He said in a statement on the "Voice of the Kingdom" program on 4/4/2022 that the private hospitals sector would be a partner with the government in the national employment program, which he described as a positive step that will help the economic sectors, including the health sector, in employing many unemployed Jordanians.

Dr. Hammouri added that this program solves a small part of the problem, stressing the need to think of radical and sustainable solutions to solve the problem of unemployment in Jordan, including creating the appropriate investment environment to stimulate investment in economic sectors, including the health sector, motivating employers to employ Jordanian citizens, and reconsidering fees Taxes imposed on economic sectors, and the existence of a mechanism of action to motivate new investors to invest in sectors and to preserve existing Jordanian investors.

He said that it is necessary for the government to reimburse the financial claims of hospitals, warehouses and pharmaceutical companies, which would encourage the owners of these institutions to expand and thus appoint more employees, pointing to the delay in paying these claims, especially those incurred by private hospitals on Kidney fund.